Bad Wolf Designs offers a selection of unique items geared toward car enthusiasts, vintage cars and the Rockabilly music scene.

I make necklaces of vintage car keys and hand made wraps and other items. All of my items are hand made. If a custom order is requested, these will take time so I ask for your patience here. I do not take custom orders on necklaces other than add on charms if I have them in stock. 

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Vintage Key Collection

All necklaces are hand made with metal beads and leather string. All necklaces are made with a slide knot on the back and beads strung on the ends for weight giving these unique items a "front and back" design.

Every key is an authentic, used vintage key from various car models and years.
Charms can be selected and added on for an additional $2 and will be added on while you wait. I have a large selection of charms to choose from. Please see the gallery for charm selections.

For the Ford Mustang fan, I have a some blanks that can be requested instead of a cut key and you can have it cut to match your own key. When purchasing your necklace, please request "blank" in the box.
Custom orders are available upon request.
*note: any key with a computer chip or plastic covering will NOT work to start your car, but a good key maker should cut the key for you if you tell them it's for a memento*

Below is a small gallery of what is available in the
shop for sale

Wraps, Shawls & More

All my wraps and shawls are available in a variety of yarn weights and colors.
Please click on an image to open the slideshow for full view.

The "Lost Souls" shawl is a unique look for those chilly nights! Look for a rectangular version soon!

The "Batwing" shawl is a bit thicker and heavier than the "Lost Souls" and is just beautiful and drape-y when worn.

Show off your love of fantasy with this gorgeous "Dragon Tail" neck wrap. It will certainly call attention at parties!

Below is a small gallery of what will be soon available in the shop for sale.
*please note that these items take a very long time to make so custom orders may not be available but keep checking the store for new items.